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Camp Phillips Staff 1952 - Present

I have gone through and created new images of all the Camp Staff photos that I have been able to locate. There are only three of years that are missing and there are a number of the photos that are in really bad shape, damaged, out of focus, etc.

If you have any of the years we are missing, or you have a better copy of one that we have, please let me know. You will get your print back after I have copied it and restored it. If you would like an 8x10 of the restored print, I will gladly give you one for helping fill in the missing staff photos.

We need your help!
We are still missing the Staff Photos from 1952, 1954 &1964.
We are only missing 3 out of 65 years of Staff Photos.

Do you have any of the ones we are missing? You will get your print back.

Cub World Staff 1996-Present

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