Welcome to Giles Photography & The Frame Works • Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Plan. We ask that you take time to plan your portrait because it will be something that hangs in your home for years to come. A portrait will be an heirloom treasured by generations to follow. Why not take a couple minutes to plan what your children’s legacy will be?

Relax. We know that it sounds easier than it sometimes is. However, it is a well known fact that young children will pick up on your anxiety and become nervous right along with you. There’s nothing to be worried about; Tom is known throughout the area for how great he is with kids. Some even (dare we say it)....had fun!

Clothing. We recommend solids. Any time you have a strong pattern in their clothing, the pattern competes with the child for attention. Subtle patterns are okay. However, you also encourage that you dress your child into something that reflects their personality.
Don’t dress your child in contrasting colors. For example, don’t dress your child in a white shirt and black pants. This may seem odd but it will draw attention away from his or her face. Generally speaking, dress them in all darks or in all lights. Mid-tones can go with either darks or lights.

It may seem obvious, but avoid outfits that make your child irritable. If your child hates turtlenecks, don’t put him in a turtleneck. If your child hates wool, avoid wool.

Shoes aren’t necessarily needed. If the child is young, sometimes bare feet make more of a statement. If your child is a little older, shoes may be a good idea. Again, it depends on the personality of your child.

Extra clothing changes. We do offer multiple clothing changes in some of our sessions, but beware: children’s attention spans are short, so be flexible. Start with the outfit you want photographed the most. We’ll get through all your clothing changes if possible.

Props. You don’t have to bring your own props, but we recommend that you do. Bring in anything that you think might look good in your portrait. Your child’s bike (training wheels and all), a sled, favorite stuffed animals, etc. It’s better to bring something and not use it than it is to leave something at home and wish you had it.

Arrive on time. We operate by appointment only. We recommend that you arrive approximately 10 to 15 minutes before your appointment. This way your children will have time to adjust to the studio environment, and our sales associates will have time to help you with any of your needs. If you arrive too early, your child may become antsy. If you show up late, we can’t guarantee that we will be able to complete the entire session if another appointment is scheduled after you.

Help us out. You are more than welcome, in fact you are encouraged, to join Tom in the camera room. Children tend to feel most comfortable when their parents are in the camera room with the photographer. Sometimes Tom might even need your help.

Don't Bribe...Right Away. Never start with a bribe. We realize that sometimes bribes are in order for children to cooperate. But bribes rarely work if you start with it. In other words, don’t tell them before you get to the studio that if they are good they can go to Arby’s. Save your bribes as a last resort.

Relax. Again, just relax. These are all just suggestions. Take a deep breath and prepare to be amazed by the images we create of your child.