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We offer copy & restoration services for your old photographs. We can bring your old family photos, that have been damaged over time, back to life again. With our skill and the techniques that we use, we can do magic. Many times we have been able to bring an old damaged photograph back to something that you will be proud to display in your home. Each job is different and there is no way to know what can be done until we have it in the computer and start to work on the images for you.

The project above was a big challenge. The family wanted this 20 year old snap shot restored and they wanted it to look like a school picture. It might be hard for you to see the damage but it was extensive. There were colored specs throughout the image that had to be removed. Improvements were made on her jacket and she was put on a portrait type background. The background was based on the colors in the drapery behind her. This was a very time intensive project and had to be charged accordingly.

We do copy and restoration all year, but the best time of the year to have copy work done is during the winter months of January, February and March. Copy work brought in during the summer and fall may have some delays because of High School Yearbook Deadlines and Christmas. It takes time to restore your photograph and requires additional time to make sure that we have your old photograph looking its best in our finished copy.

Copy & restoration services are not available on professional photographs taken after 1977 unless we have written permission. This includes department store photographs. Most department stores will give you permission to have photos from a few years ago copied since they do not keep the images on file. You will need to contact the department store and request a written release. This also applies to school pictures..

As always, we are here to answer questions, so please call or email us if you have questions that we did not cover. You may have questions that we didn't address, contact us at:

We often get calls that will ask how much to make a copy of my photo? This is almost impossible to answer over the phone. To answer without seeing you original print and any damage that may need to be fixed wouldn't be an accurate answer.

Restoration can be very involved and time consuming. Some restoration projects require many hours of work to bring them back closer to the original image, before it was damaged. Some projects can get expensive, but we hope that when you see the results you will agree that it was well worth the expense.

To give you a good idea on the costs involved, we need to see the damaged print. We can't give you a price over the phone without seeing first what you have and what you want us to do for you.

We try our best to finish your project with the least amount of time doing the restoration, but some projects simply take a lot of time to complete for you. We do our best to keep the cost down and work to give the best price we can on any restoration project.

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Before & After Restoration
All copy and restoration work is done in our studio and is never shipped out. Tom does all the restoration and takes great pride in bringing your old photograph back to life again.
Before & After Restoration
Before & After Restoration