Welcome to Giles Photography & The Frame Works • Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Plan. We ask that you take time to plan your portrait because it will be something that hangs in your home for years to come. A portrait will be an heirloom treasured by generations to follow.

Relax. We know that it sounds easier than it sometimes is. However, if you have small children in the family, it is a well known fact that young children will pick up on your anxiety and become nervous right along with you. Tom works well with children of all ages and you don't need to worry about expressions, leave that to Tom.

Clothing. We recommend solids. Any time you have a strong pattern in your clothing, the pattern competes for attention. Subtle patterns are okay. However, we suggest that you dress your family in solid colors and in the same family of colors. This may seem odd but if you think about it, if you have similar colors and not pattens, it won't draw attention away from your faces. If you look at some of the old masters paintings, the clothing is coordinated with everyone in the painting.

Take a look at some of the families in our gallery and you will quickly see how nice the portrait looks when the colors are coordinated with each other. Think of it as one outfit. You wouldn't wear a black evening gown and wear brown shoes or carry a brown purse. Look at all the outfits together and ask yourself "Would I wear these colors and or patterns in an outfit?" If the answer is no, you will not be as happy with the portrait as you would if the answer was yes.

It may seem obvious, but avoid outfits that can be irritable. Make sure the clothing fits properly, if it doesn't it can be too tight and be uncomfortable. If it is too big, it will tend to look sloppy.

If we are doing full length, it is important that you have dark shoes if you are wearing dark slacks and dresses. If you wear white shoes it will draw attention to the feet. If your family is a large group, we will likely be photographing your family full length, just to be able to get everyone in the portrait.

Arrive on time. We operate by appointment only. We recommend that you arrive approximately 10 to 15 minutes before your appointment. This way if there are any young children, it give them time to adjust to the studio environment, and our sales associates will have time to help you with any of your needs. If you arrive too early, the children may become antsy. If you show up late, you will be rushed and your children will pick up on this. Also, we can’t guarantee that we will be able to complete the entire session if another appointment is scheduled after you.

Relax. Again, just relax. These are all just suggestions. Take a deep breath and be prepared and all will go well.