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When you are ready to order your portraits, you will notice that you may choose from three different types of finishes. A finish is the amount of finished retouching and artwork applied to the final image. Each finish has a different level of protective coating on the surface and type of mounting. Our Prestige finish is the most durable being mounted on art board and more layers of lacquer finishing. The Prestige finish also has more extensive artwork, including eye enhancements.
Years of pride and craftsmanship go into every Imperial Portrait. Only the finest printing techniques are used to produce this truly beautiful portrait. The Imperial Portrait is adhered to artist’s canvas, then mounted on a heavy masonite-type product, giving you a unique and sensitive wall portrait.
The Prestige Portrait is a very attractively-finished portrait that will give you years of enjoyment. The Prestige Portrait has extensive art work on each individual portrait. The art work softens lines that normal retouching does not. Your Prestige Portrait is mounted on an acid-free art board and given a series of protective lacquer finishes.
Our Traditional Portrait is given a minimal amount of art work, including removing glare from glasses when possible, softening blemishes, and giving a protective lacquer finish. Your portrait finished in our Traditional style will provide a lovely portrait that you will be pleased to share with your friends and family.