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Our Newborn Portraits
We photograph children at all stages of their lives. Our Panel Program, for children at ages 3 months, 6 months and 1 year old, has been available since 1982. We've now added Newborn Portraits of your baby, when your new baby is only a few days old.

We think that your Newborn Portraits are not just about your new baby. Our Newborn Portraits can include the baby alone, with siblings, with Mom, with Dad and with the entire family.

We've added a special touch to our Newborn Portrait on our baby scale. We alter the weight on the scale so that it shows the baby's birth weight. We also have as set up for boys with a more masculine look with a football, baseball glove, etc.

You are always welcome to bring any props that you think might work well. When we use your props, you have a portrait that is even that much more personal.

Call us today to schedule your Newborn Portrait session. Call us to schedule the sesssion as soon as you can after your baby is born. We love to photograph them when they are only a few days old. Our portraits are photographed in color, but we love the classic beauty of black & white.

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