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"I am just thrilled with how Jeff & Katie's portrait turned out. The response we had from guests at our son's graduation party was incredible. They loved the hand painted look on canvas and I had many questions about how my husband and I thought to do something so unique.

Your patience and experience on the project helped to get the picture just right. Giles Photography is the firm I will recommend to all our friends and family.

Thank you Tom for a job well done!"
Sue Bornick
“What do you mean by a Hand Painted Portrait?”
A Hand Painted Portrait is virtual image created digitally by Tom. Each stroke is hand applied and normally takes over 40 hours to create. You can order your Hand Painted Portrait in any size from 8x10 to 20x30.

“You just have to push a button to create the painting, right?” It would be wonderful if it was that easy. There are likely some people that are offering a painted portrait that was done in some automated way, but the detail and personal touch are not in the portrait. You can't push a button and get a Painted Portrait that delicately paints the detailed areas of the face and hands. It would apply an equal amount of the painted pattern over the entire portrait. To us that is unacceptable, that is why we offer ours as a Hand Painted Portrait.

“How long does it take to finish the Hand Painted Portrait after I order it?” As is mentioned above, it takes well over 40 hours to create this artistic portrait for you. The time can not be done in a week. In the case of painting a portrait, the artist can not sit at the computer for 8-10 hours a day and only work on the painting. With other clients work that needs to be completed, a painted portrait works best to do in small pieces over a period of months. Generally, we would like to have a minimum of three months to complete the painting. During the summer and fall, when our studio is the busiest, it may take longer.

“Will I get to see the painting before it is finished?” Yes. We will print a test print for you to look at so that you can approve what we have done. On occasion we may want you to look at the painting before it is completed, but this doesn't happen very often. This usually happens if we have a question about the portrait that requires your in-put.

“How will the Hand Painted Portrait be printed?” Each portrait is printed on Kodak Professional photographic paper. The portrait produced this way have a 100-200 year life if cared for properly. The standard finished painting is mounted on art board and ready for framing, but you do have the option of having the painting on canvas for an additional charge.

“What about framing?” As with all portraits, proper framing is very important. When you order your Hand Painted Portrait, we can show some framing ideas that will enhance your portrait. We have over 700 frame styles for you to select from and you will receive a 10% discount on the frame if you order it when you place your order.

“What if I have other questions?” Not a problem. Just contact Tom Giles either by phone at 715-834-2993 or email him at info@gilesphoto.com. He will be happy to discuss your portrait needs with you and answer any other qustions.

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