In the days of film, choosing a photographer to take your childs Senior Portraits was much easier than it is today. Back then there was a huge separation between amateur and professional photographers.

In the digital photography world just about everyone with a digital camera and a computer, thinks that they are a professional photographer. Technically they are if they get paid (that's the definition of professional) but in reality they fall short of what a Professional Photographer is suppose to be.

A Professional Photographer is an artist and creative by nature. Many of those who call themselves a professional just like to push the button on the camera and don't know how to retouch the image, don't understand posing and lighting and because they aren't doing it as a full time profession, they don't have a studio and don't have the ability to do portraits in-doors.

Basically, Buyer Beware! Make sure you know what you are getting for your money. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

My clients purchase retouch, lacquer finished portraits that they will enjoy for many generations. If the photographer you use for senior portraits just gives you a disk, what do you have? Are the images retouched? I doubt it. Are the images cropped, adjusted, color balanced, etc.? I doubt it. If you have prints made will you be happy with them? Probably not. If the photographer you select for Senior Portraits delivers finished, retouched portraits, printed on photographic paper, you farther ahead and will usually have much better looking photographs to give to friends and relatives.

Kodak tells me that the images I print, using my in-house Kodak LED printer and processor, will be around for you and generations to come for 100-200 years if properly cared for. I want someone in your family, 100 years from now, to look at your childs Senior Portraits and say: "Wow, that Giles guy sure did nice portraits." Hopefully that is what you want too.

• Your High School Senior Portraits are a celebration of your childs senior year.
• Showcase Who you are and include things that reflect your interests and hobbies.
• Planning your session with Tom helps the senior and parents be better prepared for the session.
• We keep your images on file for a minimum of 10 years. Very few other photographers do that.
• Your Senior Portraits are important to you and they are to me as well.

Call us to set up your senior clothing consultation (planning your session) and your session.

Call us at (715) 834-2993 (If there isn't an answer, please leave a message and I will call you back.

You can also email us at

Thanks and enjoy the Senior Year!

Thomas W. Giles, Master of Photography, Photographic Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer

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