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"Our photograph of Jake still hangs in my husband's office - often admired by friends & family - and always cherished by us as you captured the personality of our wonderful dog. Your idea of Puppy Parts is such a great way to enjoy every bit of Jake!"

Christie Blanton

"We've been having our pets photographed by Giles Photography for years. We have had many fun portraits taken of our pets after we discussed the possibilities wtih Tom and his staff. Our portraits of our pets mean even more now that some of our pets are no longer with us."

Cindy White

"My husband and I were so pleased with the exquisite portrait of our dog. Tom and his staff are truly professional and extremely accomodating."

Kay Finch

"Since losing our dear Rerod, I can't tell you how we now treasure the many pictures you took of her throughout the years. Not only were the photo sessions fun for Rerod but we now have memories to last a lifetime. When I look at the great shots you captured of her I almost feel as though she is still in the room with me - they are so lifelike and they comfort me. Thanks for the wonderful memories."

Marlee Slifka

In Memory of Rerod