Welcome to Giles Photography & The Frame Works • Eau Claire, Wisconsin
“Is there one thing I really need to know?”
Yes. Please take your pet outside so your pet has a chance to take care of their necessities. Also, we are on a very busy highway so please keep your pet on a leash. We don't want
any accidents inside or outside

“What about grooming?” It's best to have your pet groomed and bathed the day before the session. Make sure you clean off the stuff around the eyes.

“Should I bring treats?” Yes, treats work great in getting your pet to cooperate. We also have a number of different treats for dogs.

“Are there some pets that are easier to photograph?” Of course. Dogs that understand sit and stay make it much easier. Young puppies are more difficult to keep in one spot long enough to take the photographs. Cats are a challenge most of the time, but we have captured some very nice portraits of cats. Many times they just want to be somewhere else. They hide down inside your arms, inside your jacket, etc. Tom's had dogs for most of his adult life and works well with animals. You'll love the silly noises he makes to get the reactions that we want from your pet.

“Do you do show dog style portraits” No, we're not show photographers. We are pet photographers. We want to capture the character of your pet. Pets are often a bit scared since they think they are at the vet. As a result of this, we will work with your pet and take the portraits of what the pet is willing to give us. As an example, if you want your dog sitting up and all they will do is lay down, we will photograph the dog laying down. The same with the other way around, you want them laying down and all they will do is sit. If that is all we can get your pet to do for us than that is what we will work with. It will likely be impossible to get your pet to do what you or we want them to do, but if they respond well to treats, great. Most dogs will do just about anything for a treat.

“Speaking of the vet, is there anything that we shouldn't do?” Yes, don't say the word "Vet" around your pet while you are here with us. Most pets recognize the word "Vet" and they understand it as being shots and other things they don't like. We don't need that type of thoughts going through their heads while we are trying to get them to cooperate. It works similar to working with kids, we don't want the parents mentioning Doctor around the kids. It leads to a bad, bad session and not very happy portraits.

“Anything else we should know?” Yes. Relax...Relax...Relax. If you are stressed about the session, your pet will pick that up and start getting upset. If you are stressed it just gets worse as you drive to the studio and it hits a crescendo when we go into the camera room for the portrait session. We have had several dogs over the years that after one photo, they were done and wouldn't let us take anymore photos. We really would like to have you be able to look at a number of images of your pet, not just one. Although if we get only one and you like it, your choices just became much easier.

If you have other questions you may want to look at our page of Frequently Asked Questions. We cover many things that were not covered here. Just click on the link below: