Giles Photography...Because You Can See the Difference.

Giles Photography Studio does not collect any personal data on persons visiting this website.  If you choose to contact us by email or by submitting forms through the US Mail, the information you provide will only be used by Giles Photography Studio for requests, scheduling sessions, completing orders, etc. 

Your contact information is in our database for future sessions, orders and to notify you of seasonal specials, etc., Your contact information will never be given or sold to a third party.  We do NOT maintain any credit card numbers that have been provided by our clients. You will need to provide your credit card number each time you wish to use your credit card with our studio.

We only use images of our clients for advertising, competition, display and for our website with their signed permission. All images on this site have signed a photo release on file. We do this as a curtesy to our clients, not just because we are legally required to have a signed release by an adult in our files. Releases for use of any children's portraits are signed by a parent or legal guardian.

You can contact by phone at 715-834-2993 or by email at :


Thomas W. Giles,M.Photog,Cr.,CPP,F-WPPA,F-IPPA
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