Welcome to Giles Photography & The Frame Works • Eau Claire, Wisconsin
“When should I be photographed?” Obviously when you get your senior portraits taken is up to you. Since our sessions book quickly, we recommend you call today! If you get photographed in May, June or July, you will save tremendously on session fees, not to mention all the extra promotions we have going on. And don’t forget about your yearbook deadline...some are as early as September! Avoid a rush charge by booking, and ordering, early. Check our Senior Specials for deadlines and details for Specials and Discounts that may apply. Also, if you are working at a camp for the summer, having your portaits done before starting at camp for the summer, takes a great deal of pressure off you and your family in trying to get them done before school starts.

But I’m not a senior in May! True. But let us ask you this...are you really going to change that much over the next few months?

“What if I want to wear my hair down for two outfits and then have it put up for the third?” That’s not a problem. Just remember that you only have a limited time in the camera room, so plan accordingly. We have had seniors in the past schedule two of their outfits in the morning and the third in the afternoon. However, this is something that is strictly limited to availability.

“I’m not very good at my own makeup...I’m thinking of getting a makeover.” Most people aren’t makeup artists, so it may be a good idea to get your makeup done by a professional. Check with various beauty parlors and makeup couters at the mall about special prices or possibly an offer for a free makeover. However, we recommend you go in for a trial run a couple days before your session. That way, if it looks really unnatural, you’ll know not to bother on your big day. Make sure to be honest with the makeup artist as to what you are looking for - dramatic, subtle, etc.

“What should I wear?” We recommend long sleeves and solid colors. Patterns, stripes, and plaids are sometimes too busy and take the focus off of you. However, we also want your senior portraits to be representative of you, so wear clothes that you are comfortable in and that reflect your personality.

“Can I wear jeans?” Sure. Not a problem. We do a lot of our seniors in jeans.,
“Can I wear my prom dress?” Certainly.
“Can I wear my sports jersey?” Yes. And make sure to bring in everything that coordinates with that sport - your shoes, helmet, banners, letter jacket, your home and away jerseys, whatever you have. You may not use it all, but to have it translates into more options. Since its summer time, you may want to contact your coach a couple weeks before you session to ensure that you can get the props you want.
“Do I need to wear shoes?” The extended session may show your feet, the deluxe session will not. However, many people opt to go barefoot as a part of their look. It is up to you as to whether you would like shoes or not. Just remember, if you decide to bring shoes...don’t forget coordinating socks!
“I can’t figure out how to tie my tie.” We'll send you a diagram of how to tie a tie when you make your appointment. If you still can't figure it out, don’t worry about it. Tom will be more than willing to tie it for you when you arrive.
“Do I need to bring lots of stuff?” Not really. But if you want to, you should. Your senior portraits are intended to be a reflection of who you are. If you have a favorite stuffed animal, bring it. If you have a favorite band, bring their poster. Your senior portrait session is catered to what you want to do. Therefore, don’t shy away from bringing what defines you. At the same time, if you like simple portraits without a lot of stuff, then you shouldn’t feel obligated to bring anything but your smile.
“I've seen some digital photos that don't look very good and they look grainy.” You are right that some point-and-shoot digital cameras do produce pixelated photographs. However, our digital camera is a state-of-the-art camera designed by Canon that produces the quality that I require as a professional photographers. We guarantee you will love your portraits...just take a look at our gallery, it speaks for itself.
“When do I get to see my pictures?” Since we have our own in-house lab, we are able to have your senior album ready within a day or two after your session. If you are photographed on a Friday, your album will be ready to pick up on Tuesday afternoon.

Don’t forget your $300 deposit to take your album out. This deposit does apply in full to your final order, but is required before the senior album can leave the studio. You also have the option of review your portraits on the computer and not have the album printed. You do not need the $300 deposit when we review the images on the computer.
“Are the flowers provided for that classic Giles Photography pretzel pose?” Ahh, the pretzel pose. Probably the most popular pose in the history of our studio. Flowers also look great with a number of poses, but really add a nice touch with poses that use our mirror. Our pretzel pose is just one of our mirror looks, we also use it on the floor for girls and guys.

We do have artificial flowers in the studio, but for a personalized look, bring in a fresh cut one. Buy (or pick) the flower the day of your appointment to avoid wilting. The best part about bringing your own flower is that you can choose the exact flower that represents you. In the past we have photographed roses, daisies, lilies...just about anything. Here’s a unique idea: bring a flower that represents the month you were born:
January: Carnation, Snowdrops
February: Violet, Primrose
March: Jonquil, Daffodil
April: Sweet Pea, Daisy
May: Lily of the Valley, Thrush
June: Rose, Honeysuckle
July: Larkspur, Water Lily
August: Gladiola, Poppy
September: Aster, Morning Glory
October: Calendula, Marigold
November: Chrysanthemum
December: Narcissus, Holly
“What if I don’t like my pictures?” First of all, you probably don’t look “funny.” Remember, we are our own worst critics. However, if you are truly unhappy with your pictures, come in for a retake. Retakes are free as long as you wear the same outfit and use the same pose. To have more taken at no charge, you do need to tell us within seven days of your session that you don't like something and want a retake. You must also have your retakes taken within 14 days of your session. If you want to change anything substantial or wait longer than seven days, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee. And don’t forget to bring in your senior album when you come in for retakes so we can discuss what you don't like about your portraits and we'll add your new portraits to your album!
“I don’t know that it warrants a retake, but this one thing kind of bothers me...” No problem! If it is something like a small hair that is out of place, we can fix that during the retouching process. An additional fee may apply, but it beats the hassle of trying to schedule an additional appointment. Remember that blemishes will be removed during retouching.