We offer 4 packages for High School Seniors that start as low as $147 and go up to $793 in our Traditional Finish. Our Economy Package starts at $147 and includes two units from one pose. A unit is your choice of either 1-8x10 or 2-5x7s or 4-4x5s or 1-5x7 & 2-4x5s or 2-4x6s. For example, this package could be 1-8x10 and 2-5x7s. You may add additional units to the package at reduced prices. However, if you are interested in only one print of an image, you may order that portrait from our Ala Carte menu of images. An added charge for normal retouching will apply if this is not an image included in a package.

What's included with my order? Normal retouching of one pose is included in every package.
Your yearbook image will be sent to your yearbook staff free of charge as you place your order at least three weeks before your yearbook deadline and the yearbook pose is one you are using in your order.

We have our own lab in-house. That means that we control everything and don't leave it to an outside lab to make the decisions about how our portraits will look. It also means that you won't have to wait as long for your finished portrait order as you would at some other studios.

My personal guarantee to you is that you will love your portraits. If not we will remake them to your satisfaction or give you your money back. Period. No hassle, ever. See our
Thomas W. Giles,M.Photog.Cr.,CPP,F-WPPA,F-IPPA

Wallet portraits are not included in packages because every senior does not want the same number of wallets as everyone else. You may order however many wallet portraits as you would like. We start with 22 wallet portraits for only $76. You can order larger quantities and save money. In large quantities you can get wallets for a little over $1 each.
All of our packages include normal retouching for the image used in the package. Normal retouching removes blemishes and lightens bags under the eyes. Additional retouching is available for things like stray hair removal, removing braces, opening eyes, changing the color of your clothing, removing scars, etc.

We offer Locker Prints in three sizes 8x20, 10x20 and 8x14. We also offer calendars in an 8x10 size and in a 8x20 size.
This is a fairly new item that we introduced several years ago. It is a 5x16 framed image of the seniors name with an individual portrait in each letter of their name. These are created from the same image in your album.
This is a nice way to get a number of your images on one wall portrait. Our Story Board is 11x30 inches and really makes a nice addition to your home decor. We have several frames specially priced for our Story Boards so that when you pick up your order, you just need to hang it on the wall.